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Admiral Sir Charles NAPIER’S fleet :-

Ships of the line.

DUKE OF WELLINGTON, screw, [131], 1,000 men, flag, of the commander-in-chief, Sir Charles NAPIER. K.C.B, with Commodore SEYMOUR as Capt of the fleet and Capt GORDON as flag Capt.

NEPTUNE, sailing, [120], 970 men, flagship of the 2nd in command, Rear Admiral CORRY, and Capt HUTTON, flag Capt.

ROYAL GEORGE, screw, [120], 900 men, Capt CODRINGTON. C.B.

ST JEAN D’ACRE, screw, [101], 900 men, Capt Hon H. KEPPEL.

PRINCESS ROYAL, screw, [91], 800 men, Capt Lord C. PAGET.

PRINCE REGENT, sailing, [90], 820 men, Capt H. SMITH. C.B.

MONARCH, sailing, [84], 750 men, Capt ERSKINE

CRESSY, screw, [80], 750 men, Capt WARREN.

BOSCAWEN, sailing, [70], 636 men, Capt GLANVILLE

EDINBURGH, screw, [60], 600 men, flagship of the 3rd in command Rear Admiral CHADS. C.B. with Capt HEWLETT as flag Capt.

BLENHEIM, screw, [60], 600 men, Capt Hon F. PELHAM.

HOGUE, screw, [60], 600 men, Capt W. RAMSAY.

AJAX, screw, [58], 600 men, Capt WARDEN.

Steam Frigates

IMPERIEUSE, screw, [52], 530 men, 360hp, Capt WATSON. C.B.

EURYALUS, screw, [51], 530 men, 400hp, Capt G. RAMSAY

ARROGANT, screw, [47], 450 men, 360hp, Capt YELVERTON.

AMPHION, screw, [34], 330 men, 300hp, Capt KEY

LEOPARD, [18] 300 men, 560hp, Capt GIFFORD.

ODIN, paddle, [16], 270 men, 560hp, Capt F. SCOTT.

MAGICIENNE, paddle, [16], 220 men, 400hp, Capt T. FISHER.

VALOROUS, paddle, [16], 220 men, 400hp, Capt BUCKLE.

BULLDOG, paddle, [6], 160 men, 500hp, Capt W. K. HALL.

GORGON, paddle, [6], 160 men, 320hp, Com A. CUNNING.

Formed a splendid fleet of 23 ships, 13 Line-of-Battle ships, of which 4 are 3 deckers, and of the 13, 9 have screw machinery of 4,180hp.

The smaller vessels are all steamers. The paddle steamers are most powerful vessels.

Total force of division, 23 ships, 1326 guns, 13,326 men, 8,340hp.

Почему 60- и 70-пушечники записали в ЛК - не совсем понял, по меркам 1850-х это фрегаты 1-го ранга.
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