September 8th, 2012

На Цусиме выложены новые данные по турецкому флоту 1790 года

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I discovered a very important document in the Ottoman Archives. Document ID: Cevdet Bahriye 2517; Document Date: 15 Ramazan 1204 (29 May 1790). It is an inspection list of the Ottoman ships sent to Black Sea and the Mediterranean for the 1790 campaign year. Especially inspected are the numbers and the situation of the water pumps on each ship. Ottomans greatly feared from the yedinorogs aboard Russian battleships as these fired lethal incendiary ammunition. During the buildup for the 1787-91 War, Cezayirli Gazi Hasan Pasha had all the Ottoman battleships fitted with newly produced and powerful British-made water pumps (nev icad İngilizi ateş tulumbası) to be able to fight with the fires which were sure to flare up aboard when figthing with Russians.

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