December 17th, 2011

Список судов Континентального флота

Vessels of the Continental Navy
Click on highlighted names for histories of those vessels.
NameGunsTypeHow acquiredDisposition
Alfred24ShipPurchased 1775Captured 9 March 1778 by HMS Ariadne and Ceres
Columbus20ShipPurchased 1775Burned 27 March 1778 after being chased on shore by a British squadron
Andrew Doria14BrigPurchased 1775Burned to prevent capture, 21 November 1777
Cabot14BrigPurchased 1775Captured by HMS Milford in 1777
Providence12SloopPurchased 1775Destroyed 1779
Hornet10SloopPurchased 1775Destroyed 1777
Wasp8SchoonerPurchased 1775Destroyed 1777
Fly8SchoonerPurchased 1775Destroyed 1777
Lexington16BrigPurchased 1776Captured by British cutter Alert1777
Reprisal16BrigPurchased 1776Lost at sea 1777
Hampden14BrigPurchased 1776Sold 1777
Independence10SloopPurchased 1776Wrecked 1778
Sachem10SloopPurchased 1776Destroyed 1777
Mosquito4SloopPuchased 1776Destroyed 1777
Raleigh32FrigateLaunched 1776Captured 1778
Hancock32FrigateLaunched 1776Captured 1777
Warren32FrigateLaunched 1776Destroyed 1779
Washington32FrigateLaunched 1776Destroyed 1777
Randolph32FrigateLaunched 1776Lost in action 1778
Providence28FrigateLaunched 1776Captured 1780
Trumbull28FrigateLaunched 1776Captured 1781
Congress28FrigateLauched 1776Destroyed 1777
Virginia28FrigateLaunched 1776Captured 1778
Effingham28FrigateLaunched 1776Destroyed 1777
Boston24FrigateLaunched 1776Captured 1780
Montgomery24FrigateLaunched 1776Destroyed 1777
Delaware24FrigateLaunched 1776Destroyed 1777
Ranger18ShipLaunched 1777Captured 1780
Resistance10BrigantineLaunched 1777Captured 1778
SurpriseSloopPurchases 1777Unknown
Racehorse12SloopCaptured 1776Destroyed
Repulse8XebecPennsylvania State Navy gunboat lent to Continental Navy 1777Destroyed 1777
Champion8XebecPennsylvania State Navy gunboat lent to Continental Navy 1777Destroyed 1777
L'Indien40FrigateBuilt in Holland 1777Sold to France; later acquiredby South Carolina Navy as South Carolina
Deane (later Hague)32FrigatePurchased 1777Sold 1783
Queen of France28FrigatePurchased 1777Sunk 1780
Dolphin10CutterPurchased 1777Unknown
Surprise10LuggerPurchased 1777Seized by France
Revenge14CutterPurchased 1777Sold 1779
Alliance32FrigateLaunched 1778Sold 1785
General Gates18ShipPurchased 1778Sold 1779
RetaliationBrigantinePurchased 1778Unknown
Pigot8SchoonerCaptured 1778Unknown
Confederacy32FrigateLaunched 1779Captured 1781
Argo12SloopPurchased 1779Sold 1779
Diligent12BrigCaptured 1779Destroyed 1779
Bonhomme Richard42ShipPurchased 1779Lost in action 1779
Pallas32FrigateLent by France 1779Returned to France
Cerf18CutterLent by France 1779Returned to France
Vengeance12BrigLent by France 1779Returned to France
Serapis44FrigateCaptured 1779Sold 1779
Ariel20ShipLent by France 1780Returned to France 1781
Saratoga18ShipLaunched 1780Lost at sea 1781
America74Ship of the lineLaunched 1782Given to France
General Washington20ShipCaptured 1782Sold 1784
Duc de Lauzun20ShipPurchased 1782Sold 1783
Bourbon36FrigateLaunched 1783Sold 1783