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По оплате "миротворческого контингента" англичан в Голландии в 1589 году

Order for the payment of weekly imprests to her Majesty's forces in the Low Countries.

The commissary of musters, sworn before her Majesty's Governor-General or Councillor and the Council of State, shall muster every band in her Majesty's pay in his garrison. He shall make a perfect roll of the names and surnames of all present, of the defects of armour and weapon, of the names of those absent with the time and reason of their absence, and of the number deficient after allowing 10 [dead pays] in every 100. He shall deliver, before Friday morning in each week, a signed copy of this roll to the Governor or marshal of the garrison, who also shall sign it and send it to the Treasurer or his deputy. The Treasurer shall make payment thereupon, according to the following limitation, to the captain of each band, who shall pay the soldiers.
The Dutch commissaries shall be required to join in taking the musters and signing the rolls. A copy of the roll, thus signed, shall be sent to the Queen's Councillor, who shall present it to the Governor-General (if there resident) and Council of State. The Council shall send quarterly to the Lord Treasurer a certificate of the checks and defects of each band.
None to be allowed pay unless present and properly furnished with armour and weapons. Six may be allowed absent from 150 footmen or 100 horse if they have passport, registered with the commissary, from the Governor of the place. None shall be allowed absent for more than 6 weeks in a year, unless through sickness or lack of passage. Any absent sick shall be allowed if certified by the fourrier, or the host of the house, with an officer of the band. Freebooting not an excuse for absence, unless the journey be made by a good number under a captain or lieutenant at the Governor's command. 6 strangers allowed in a band. Prisoners allowed, if avouched by the Governor.
Weekly imprests of 150 footmen:—captain 42s., lieutenant 21s., ensign 10s. 6d., two sergeants 10s., two drums 10s., surgeon 5s., each soldier 2s. with 8d. in victuals. Also 35s. and 13s. 10d. to the captain from the dead pays (to be distributed according to the annexed order of the Earl of Leicester). Total 24l. 6s. Of this, the Treasurer shall detain the pays for the numbers deficient according to the rolls. Those lawfully absent shall be paid at their return. Those who overstay their leave shall be unpaid from the day of their departure, unless the Governor-General (or the town Governor in the cautionary towns) and Council of State decide otherwise. The 8d. in victuals to be delivered in the same way. Likewise the 30l. weekly lendings of each horseband.
That each soldier may receive his weekly due, the Treasurer or his deputy shall deliver the lendings, according to the roll, weekly in some open space to the captain, lieutenant, ensign, or clerk, in the presence of the corporals and sergeants or of six of the longest service soldiers or gentlemen. Any who fail herein shall be punished, and if they do so fraudulently they shall, upon complaint to the Treasurer or his deputy, be put out of pay.
Any who refuse to allow or who hinder the weekly muster shall, upon complaint to the Governor, be suspended and put out of pay.

Leicester's order for the distribution of the 10 dead pays [as in the first paragraph of the order on p. 378 above].

Copy. Original signed, W. Burghley, C. Howard, H. Hunsdon, James Crofte, Tho. Henedge, Fra. Walsinghame, Jo. Fortescue. Dated at head. Endd. 4 pp. [Holland XXXIII. f. 214.]
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