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The Irish Sea-Officers of the Royal Navy, 1793-1815

И корабли Ирландской эскадры с 1790 до ПМВ

HMS Fame1759Flagship Cove of Cork
3rd Rate, 74 Gun
HMS Medusa1785Guard Ship Cove of Cork 17934th Rate, 50 Gun.
HMS Polyphemus1799Flagship Cove of Cork
64 gun, 3rd Rate Ship of the Line
HMS Trent1796Flagship Cove of Cork
5th Rate, 36 Gun.
HMS Semiramis1808

Flagship Cove of Cork

5th Rate, 36 Guns
HMS Crocodile1825Flagship Cove of Cork
6th Rate, 28 Guns
HMS Agamemnon1826Flagship Queenstown
Oct 1852
91 Gun Battleship
HMS Conway1832Flagship Queenstown
6th Rate, 26 Gun
HMS Nile1839Flagship Queenstown
Dec 1858 - 1859
2nd Rate, 90 Gun
Fitted with screw propulsion.
HMS Revenge1859

Base Ship Queenstown 1872 - 1890(Renamed HMS Empress after 1890)

2nd Rate, Two Decker, 91 Guns.
HMS Northampton1876Seagoing Training Ship Queenstown
1894 - 1905
Armoured Frigate
HMS Triumph1862Flagship Queenstown 1890
Broadside Ironclad Frigate
HMS Howe1885Guardship Queenstown 1897 - 1901
Admiral Class Battleship
HMS Empress of India1893Flagship Queenstown 1901 - 1902Royal Sovereign Class Battleship
HMS Warspite1881Flagship Queenstown 1893 - 1896
Imperieuse Class,Armoured Cruiser.
HMS Medusa1888Harbour Service Queenstown 1917 -1918
Marathon Class 2nd Class Cruiser
HMS Skipjack1889Tender to drillship Queenstown 1904
Sharpshooter Class, Torpedo Gunboat
HMS Hawke1891Training Squadron Queenstown 1913
Sunk by U-9 North Sea Oct 15 1914.
Edgar Class Cruiser
HMS Hood1891Receiving Ship and Flagship of the Senior Officer Coast of ireland,Queenstown July 1910 - Jan 1913.
Royal Sovereign Class, twin screw battleship
HMS EmpressBased Queenstown 1915 -1916
Aircraft Carrier
HMS Royalist

Receiving Ship Queenstown 1899 -1913 Renamed Colleen. Flagship 1914-1922.

Satellite Class Corvette

HMS Speedwell1889Tender to Colleen Queenstown 1919
Torpedo Gunboat
HMS Curlew1885Coastguard tender Irish Station 1903 - 1904Curlew Class Gun and Torpedo Vessel
HMS Sharpshooter1888Drill Ship for RNR Queenstown 1904
Torpedo Gunboat
HMS Dido189611th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914
Eclipse Class Cruiser
HMS Doris189611th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914
Eclipse Class Cruiser
HMS Minerva189511th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914
Eclipse Class Cruiser
HMS Sutlej189911th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914
Cressy Class Cruiser
HMS Isis189611th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914
Eclipse Class Cruiser
HMS Juno189511th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914, Flagship.
Eclipse Class Cruiser
HMS Vulcan1889Platypus Flotilla Queenstown 1917 -1918
Torpedo-Boat Depot Ship
HMS Warrior18611867 she relieved Black Prince in Ireland as the Flag Ship of the Queenstown Division of Coast Guards.
1st Royal Navy Ironclad Warship.
HMS Black Prince1862Name changed to 'Emerald' in 1903 and served as training ship Queenstown until 1910
Sister Ship of Warrior - Ironclad Warship.
HMS Drake11th Cruiser Squadron West of Ireland Coast Patrol 1914. Torpedoed and sunk by U-79 off Rathlin Island 02 Oct 1916.
Drake Class Armoured Cruiser
HMS Edgar1890Training Squadron Queenstown (1913) In 1919 paid off, laid up at Queenstown until 1921 - broken up
Edgar Class Cruiser
HMS Albion1901Queenstown Guard Ship April - May 1916
Canopus Class Battleship
HMS Aeolus1891Irish Squadron, Flagship and port guardship Queenstown 1902

Aeolus 2nd Class Cruiser
(Apollo Class)

HMS Barrosa1889Irish Squadron Queenstown 1902-
Barracouta 3rd Class
HMSPhilomel1890Irish Squadron Queenstown 1902-
Pearl 3rd Class
HMS Gloucester1909Sent as reinforcement in April 1916 to quell Irish Rising
Town Class Light Cruiser
HMS Albemarle1901Sent as reinforcement in April 1916 to quell Irish Rising, anchored in river above Queenstown
Duncan Class Battleship
HMS Talbot1895Laid up at Haulbowline 1919 - 1921.
Eclipse Class Cruiser
HMS Bonaventure1894Converted to submarine depot ship Haulbowline 1906 - 1907
10-gun twin-screw cruiser
HMS Cattistock1917Served with Queenstown (8th)Sweeping Flotilla 1917Hunt Class Minesweeper
HMS Crescent1892Feb 1913 to Aug 1914, Training Squadron,Queenstown
Edgar Class Cruiser
HMS Ocean18988th Battle Squadron, Queenstown Aug 1914
Canopus Class Battleship
HMS Theseus1892Training Squadron, Queenstown 1913 -1914
Edgar Class Cruiser
HMS Sandown1916Served with Queenstown (8th) Fast Sweeping Flotilla 1918Ascot Class Paddle-Sweeper
HMS Hurst 1916Served with Queenstown (8th) Fast Sweeping Flotilla 1918Ascot Class Paddle-Sweeper
HMS Eridge1916Served with Queenstown (8th)Fast Sweeping Flotilla 1918
Ascot Class Paddle-Sweeper
HMS Haldon1916Served with Queenstown (8th)Fast Sweeping Flotilla 1918
Ascot Class Paddle-Sweeper
HMS Epsom1916Served with Queenstown (8th)Fast Sweeping Flotilla 1918Ascot Class Paddle-Sweeper
HMS Active1911Based Queenstown 1917
Active Class Scout Cruiser
HMS Cottesmore1917Served with Queenstown (8th)Fast Sweeping Flotilla 1917 - 1918Hunt Class twin-screw minehunter
HMTB 0501886Queenstown Command 1914 - 1919Torpedo Boat
HMTB 0521886Queenstown Command 1914 - 1919Torpedo Boat
HMTB 0551886Queenstown Command 1914 - 1919Torpedo Boat
HMTB 0581886Queenstown Command 1914 - 1919
Torpedo Boat
HMS Adventure1904July 1915 to Nov 1917 Flagship Queenstown
Adventure Class light cruiser

HMY Scadaun

Hired Armed Steam Yacht Built 1912

HMY Seagull

Sep 1914 to 1916, Queenstown Command.Hired (unarmed) motor Boat

HMY Greta

Hired Armed Steam Yacht built 1898
HMY Adventuress 044
Hired Armed Steam Yacht built 1913
HMY Calanthe 043Hired Armed Steam Yacht built 1898
HMY Beryl1915 - 1919 based in Queenstown Command, for patrolling and escort work.Hired Armed Steam Yacht - Ex Princess Alice Built 1898.
HMS Sir Bevis1918'24' Class sloop
HMT Flying FoamRescue Tug Built 1917
HMT Flying FoxHired Paddle Tug Built 1895
HMT Flying FalconRescue Tug Built 1904
HMT Flying SprayRescue Tug Built 1917
HMT Stormcock
Armed Tug (Fleet Tug) Built 1877
HMT WarriorHired Rescue Tug Built 1895
HMS Alyssum1915Lost in minefield off Galley Head 18 March 1917Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Arbutus1917Torpedoed 16 Dec 1917Aubretia Class Sloop
HMS Aubretia1916Aubretia Class Sloop
HMS Begonia1915Later became 'Q-Ship' Q10 (Dolcis Jessop). Lost off Morocco 02 Oct 1918Azalea Class Sloop
HMS Bluebell1915Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Buttercup1915Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Camelia1916Azalea Class Sloop
HMS Candytuft1917Anchusa Class Sloop
HMS Crocus1915Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Daffodil1915
Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Delphinium1915Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Genista1916Torpedoed by U-57 23 Oct 1916Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Heather1916
Aubretia Class Sloop
HMS Iris1915Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Jessamine1916Azalea Class Sloop
HMS Laburnum1915
Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Lavender1915Torpedoed by U-75 04 May 1917Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Mignonette1916Lost in minefield off Galley Head 17 March 1917 - see Alyssum aboveArabis Class Sloop
HMS Myosotis1916Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Primrose1915
Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Rosemary1915
Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Salvia1916Served as Q-Ship Torpedoed 20 June 1917Aubretia Class Sloop
HMS Snowdrop1915Azalea Class Sloop
HMS Sunflower1915Acacia Class Sloop
HMS Tamarisk1916Served as Q-ShipAubretia Class Sloop
HMS Tulip1916Served as Q-Ship Torpedoed 30 April 1917Aubretia Class Sloop

HMS Viola

1916Served as Q-ShipAubretia Class Sloop
HMS Poppy1915Arabis Class Sloop
HMS Zinnia1915
Azalea Class Sloop
HMML 1611915
HMML 1631915
Motor Launch
HMML 1671915
Motor Launch
HMML 1691915
Motor Launch
HMML 1711915
Motor Launch
HMML 1811915
Motor Launch
HMML 1831915
Motor Launch
HMML 1851915
Motor Launch
HMML 1871915
Motor Launch
HMML 1891915
Motor Launch
HMML 1971915Wrecked off Waterford 1917
Motor Launch
HMML 2591915
Motor Launch
HMML 3741915
Motor Launch
HMML 3761915
Motor Launch
HMML 3781915
Motor Launch
HMML 3801915
Motor Launch
HMML 3811915
Motor Launch
HMML 4081915
Motor Launch
HMML 4871915
Motor Launch
HMML 5201915
Motor Launch
Queenstown Drifters
HMD Daisy VI 2905
Hired Armed Drifter Built 1906
HMD Monarch II 2901Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Sublime 2110Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Connage 2907Hired Armed Drifter Built 1901
HMD Good Hope III 2902Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Morning Star IV 2903Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Girl May 2906Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Integrity 2908Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Sunshine
Hired Armed Drifter Built 1907
HMD Golden Effort 2912Operated as boom defense vessel Cork HarbourHired Armed Drifted (Blt 1914)
Queenstown Trawlers
HMT Thuringia
1913Based Queenstown, Mined 11 Nov 1917 off YoughalHired Armed Trawler Built 1913
HMT Freesia 716


Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Verbena 8271897Hired Armed Trawler

HMT Lord Heneage 1140

1909Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Ristango 8191913Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Indian Empire 7981907Based Queenstown, Nov 1914 to 1919Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Sarba 9281913Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Heron 7151902Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Bluebell 4791904Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Clifton 9541906Based Queenstown, 1915 to loss by mine, 15 February 1917Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Maximus 9971898Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Morococala
1915Based Queenstown, June 1915 to loss by mine, 19 November 1917Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Bradford 8291896Based Queenstown , Nov 1914 to loss in Gale near Cork 28 Nov 1916Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Reliance II 9991904Based Queenstown , 1915 to 1919Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Helios 9531903(Ex Ullswater) Based Queenstown 1915 to 1919Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Ebro 9981898Based Queenstown 1914 to 1918Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Brock 9271914Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Margate 8181897Based Queenstown 1915 -1917Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Congo 8221897Based Queenstown 1915 -1917Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Rodney 9531906Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Lord Hardinge 29931917Based Queenstown. Sunk after collision off Daunt Light Vessel 9 April 1918Hired Armed Trawler

Berehaven Trawlers

HMT Lucida 9251914Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Luneda 9261912Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Reindeer II 8161902Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Drake II 8171900Hired Armed Trawler
HMT Bempton 13691914Hired Armed Trawler



Clyde Shipping Company steam tenders hired as Examination Vessels for mouth of harbour service, 1918 - 1919

Steam Tender

Steam Tender

Flying FoxClyde Shipping vessel hired for various government services 1917 -1919Steam Tender
Seawolf1918Based Queenstown 1923 - GuardshipS -Class Destroyer
Taurus1917R-Class Destroyer
Sesame1918S-Class Destroyer
Tilbury1918S-Class Destroyer
Mary Rose1915M-Class Destroyer
Parthian1916M-Class Destroyer
Narwhal1916M-Class destroyer
Peyton1916M-Class Destroyer
Magic1915M-Class Destroyer
HMMB 47Hired Motor Boat
HMMB 40 ShearwaterHired Motor Boat
HMMB 85 ApteraHired Motor Boat
HMMB 102
Hired Motor Boat
HMMB 123 TridentHired Motor Boat
HMMB 124 California IIHired Motor Boat
HMMB 98 Mary Rose IIHired Motor Boat
HMMB 190 SakkaraHired Motor Boat

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