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Для любителей истории неплохая статья Энрике Родригеса "Испанские Габсбурги и их ирландские солдаты"

For some years thereafter, the numbers of Irish in the Army of Flanders were not sufficient to maintain a specific
Tercio and the companies were integrated into other units' (Stradling 1993: 26). From a peak of 7'000 men, the Irish
contingent was reduced to 200 in the years 1636-1646. Casualties in the battlefield were only one of the reasons for
this depletion. Transfers were another: In 1638, Madrid dispatched two Irish regiments from the Netherlands to
northern Spain, where a French attack was expected. In 1641, after the siege of Arras, Colonel Patrick Fitzgerald (or
Geraldine) and the survivors of his unit were sent to Catalonia, where the population (allied with France) had risen
against the King. According to Stradling, the vast majority of the officers and men serving in the Spanish Netherlands
in the 1620s were transferred to Spain in the period 1638-1662. Last but not least, the Irish uprising of 1641
further depleted the ranks of the Army of Flanders. In the following months, many veterans returned home to join
the insurrection. Owen Roe O'Neill was one of them: He departed in 1642, became the rebellion's commander-inchief
and died of illness in 1649 while the war was still in progress.
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